". . .A group Ed Sullivan would have on his show. . ." WGHT Radio - 1500 AM
". . .A group Ed Sullivan would have on his show. . ." WGHT Radio - 1500 AM


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Shout out to the Ricciardi Family! 

Lee Burns just bid $4000 for Adam's sequined shirt!

Bobby Wells - Great to talk to you again after all these years!

Larry from Arc-Com - You should write you own new song "Rock n Roll" fabrics!!

Hey Bagel Man Rob - what exotic place are you going to this year - Goldberg Bagels???

Runaround Sue - Don't mess with Bill . . . oh too late - already married - happy 6 years!!!

Congratulations to Eddie and Kelly on your engagement!!!

Manny from Clarins - What's happening !!!

Who's this "Gimpy"?

Seth - Lookin' forward to your first night

George Churchwell - the best Mony Mony'er and motivator around!!

 Looks like we're getting the heavy hitters to assist on our CD - thanks to Chris, Danielle and Daniel.  

Hey Marty - remember to show'em how to do it!.  

Middletown Elks - you guys were great!!!  

Thanks to Beverly and her group for the fan club at Cornwall-on-the-Hudson!   

I'll tell you what . . . Bobby from Pt. Pleasant.   

Mark Patterson in Point Pleasant- When are we playing by you!!!

If you want to list someone, email it to us and look for it here!

We'd like to hear from you! email us at Adam and The NewHearts We now have our new CD!! We'll have it for sale at our shows for whomever would like one.

Now that you have seen Tommy
play wipe out on everything
from chairs to case covers
to garbage pails! - What
will he do next??!!
(stay tuned!!!)







Johnny Shoes - the gentleman of Rock 'n' Roll . . .